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Humanities, philosophy, esotericism, and occulture.

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The Odyssey

What It's Like To Be An Asian-American On The Fourth Of July

A personal essay on the disenfranchised feeling of being a first-generation Asian-American.

The Odyssey

The Importance Of Inclusive Feminism

Why third-wave feminism has a negative connotation, and what we can all do to change this.

The Odyssey

Queer-Baiting And Why It's Detrimental To Society

Queer-baiting affects every member of society, not just the LGBTQ+ community.

The Odyssey

It's Okay To Be Cisgendered

We've all heard about the privileges of being cis, but here's why we should not hate them.

The Odyssey

A Brief Guide To Hospitality Exchange Websites

If you've ever wanted to travel the world for free, check out these five best websites for hospitality exchange

The Odyssey

Contemporary Poetry And The Information Age

How our reaction to contemporary poetry highlights personal values in the current age of information